We’re looking for a furbaby…

and boy oh boy does my heart melt at the site of any furry lil puppy!!! We want a smaller breed bc we will more than likely be in apartments for a while and therefore not much of a yard but eventually J will need his hunting companion which will without a doubt be a chocolate lab.  For now, our hearts are melting for the following….

Bichon-Poodle Mix

Bichon-Poodle Mix


Maltipoo- Our fav so far!

Maltipoo Puppy- Our fav so far!

Adult Maltipoo

Adult Maltipoo















Soooo cute…off to continue my search! =)


14 responses to “We’re looking for a furbaby…

  1. HOPE!!! Did you know that Kim & Ryan have a shi-poo (shitzu and poodle)!! Her name is Lola and she is adorable! Kim has pictures of her on her phone if you would like for her to send you a picture! She will be at Ma’s and Pa’s for Christmas so I am sure yall will see her!!

  2. i think i like the bichon-poodle mix the best. 😉

  3. Yorkies are great for couples…. not really good around kids, it just depends on how you raise them id def suggest socializing at an early age because the older they get theyre very protective… i had a yorkie in HS and i have one now, my mom just got one a couple months ago and my brother just got one 2 days ago… theyre very sweet and lovey…. i saw a Shorkie the other day that was cute (shitzu and yorkie) it looked like a yorkie with kind of a shitzu face and tail and was very friendly and well mannered.

  4. We love our Schichon….Shi Tzu/Bichon mix. Awesome with kids! They push her around like a wheelburrow on her front legs, wrestle with her, lay on her, lock in cabinets, and she takes it and keeps coming back for more.

  5. Ok I was wondering what Lilly was! She is very good with Em!

  6. Ok you know I have to vote for the Yorkie! Blyss has been extremely good with Christian…tolerates him pulling her hair, etc!!

  7. Heather Williams

    I have a maltipoo and i looooove him! I have a friend that has a yorkiepoo and he is really sweet too. Mine is full grown and weighs 6lbs! So he is itty bitty! Good luck with your puppy search. Miss you sweetie!!

  8. Definitely vote for the yorkie! We got our first one last june, and were so impressed we had to get another this january :). We don’t have kids, but they are so tolerant I really think they’d be fine around kids as they are well socialized and we walk them in the city/park a LOT. Kids come up to them all the time and hold them. Also, they tend to be less yippy than most small dogs IMHO.

  9. Where did you find that maltipoo puppy?! What a sweetheart!

  10. this yorkie nis so cuteee i love herr

  11. Truthfully i love the Maltipoo and the Bichon-Poodle Mix they look super-cute as puppies and adults. The only reason I won’t sugggest the yorkie is because i know a few and they really dont like children or much company.

  12. Love the Maltipoo!! Have one, they are great disposition.

  13. Hi
    The Bichon-Poodle Mix is adorable.We might be getting one on Friday.They don’t grow that big and the one at the store is super cuddly,sweet and tiny!.

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