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Home Sweet Home

We are FINALLY in our first home!! And, we LOVE it!!  We are still getting used to Columbus, MS but are enjoying it so far!

Justin reported in today, so I got a few things done around the house…unpacking the clothes we brought, organizing the gazillion boxes we have sitting around, etc.  Now that I’m done it hit me that I haven’t updated in a really long time!  Sorry bout that…been kinda busy!

Justin’s graduation from OTS went wonderfully!  He looked super handsome in his uniform but most importantly, he is home!  We went to the Dining Out and whew that was an experience!!  I got to meet lots of super sweet spouses that I look forward to knowing better in the next few years when our paths hopefully cross again!

Justin with his parents

Justin with his parents

Dining Out

Dining Out

Pinning on the 2nd Lt. "Butter Bars"

Pinning on the 2nd Lt."Butter Bars"

Getting a kiss from my 2nd Lt. after pinning on his bars!! =)

Getting a kiss from my 2nd Lt. after pinning on his bars!! =)

My Mom, 2nd Lt. Justin George and I

My Mom, 2nd Lt. Justin George and I

Bars in place, papers signed...he's coming home with me!!!

Bars in place, papers signed...he's coming home with me!!

Then it was back to TX with lots packing to do!!! But before we could head out to Mississippi, Justin had MFS @ Brooks AFB in San Antonio.  On the way down there we stopped in College Station to surprise Justin’s dad for his 50th Bday.  The game was terrible but it was good being back!!

Former Ags return to Kyle Field

Former Ags return to Kyle Field

The Crew for Zola's 50th

The Crew for Zola's 50th Bday

Then we were off to Columbus, MS!  It was a LONG and RAINY 8 hours on the road but we finally made it and couldn’t be any happier with our place!  We are, however, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the rest of our stuff.  Fingers-crossed that it’s here by the end of next week like the guy said! =)  So far we’ve unpacked all of our kitchen stuff and the clothes we brought, but other than that it’s empty and boring! haha!

1st sign that had our final destination on it!!

1st sign that had our final destination on it!!

The many empty boxes we were thrilled to throw away!!

The many empty boxes we were thrilled to throw away!!

The temp set-up! haha!

The temp set-up! haha!

Well, I think that about catches up on everything!! More pics to come when our stuff actually gets here! =)


Today’s revelations…

The Good:

Lori emailed me today- she had received an email from FINAO saying that my album would ship in the next day or two!! That means I should get it sometime next week!! WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!! *Fingers crossed that everything turned out the right way!*

The Bad:

Husbands orders got changed again.  We are now being sent to Columbus AFB, Mississippi.  I for one am thrilled about this because the housing selection is far better than it was at Vance.  But, Justin is not which in turn makes me sad.  Apparently, Columbus was his 3rd pick so he’s a lil disappointed.  I think it will all turn out just fine but it’s sad hearing that he’s down when he’s too far away for me to comfort! =(

The Ugly:

Thats all I think my boss is going to be next week since it will more than likely be my last week.  I dread it to the Nth degree but what can ya do?! I have too much stuff to be doing at home to be here each day.  U.G.L.Y. That’s exactly what he’ll be! UGH!

Moving on my mind…

Since J got his orders not too long ago we have been busy trying to figure out what all moving with the air force entails.  I have already spent hours on the phone fumbling from person to person in hopes of finding the one that can actually answer my question.  Luckily, they have all been super sweet and understanding of our newbie status with the air force!!

Originally J thought we would take advantage of the air force doing the moving for us, but apparently one of his buddies at OTS informed him that we could make money if we did a DITY move (basically a do-it-yourself and the air force reimburses you).  Since we don’t have a TON of stuff and kids to worry about now is a time to take advantage of that option.  I am a lil nervous though bc this is our FIRST air force move and that just adds one more detail to get messed up.  Fingers crossed though!! I have had a ton of great responses on tips from some of the nesties on the military newlyweds forum and from a friend that ashley introduced me to.  She is an air force wife as well and is a lil further down the path than we are!! It’s so nice to have such kind, helpful ppl at a time like this!! Thanks Shannon! =)

Another new twist, J’s orders got changed and we now have to report a week earlier.  Not too big of a deal bc I wanted to get there sooner anyway but it does definitely put a time crunch on us for getting things packed/loaded.  I’m thinking I will have everything packed and ready to load before I leave to see him on the 31st (yay! only  23 more days!!!) So far our timeline is as follows:

  • Oct. 15th- ENJJPT Boards meet
  • Oct. 22ish- We should know a decision about ENJJPT and therefore if we are going to be @ Vance or Sheppard
  • Oct. 31st- FLYING TO SEE J for the first time in 3 months! Talk about butterflies!!!!!!!!!
  • Nov. 4th- OTS Gradution/driving home
  • Nov. 9th- FIL’s 50th Bday
  • Nov. 10th- Flight Physical @ Brooks AFB in SA
  • Nov. 16th- Report date to Vance (assuming we’re still stationed there)/ 6 mo. anniversary

We’ve got a lot of logistics to figure out and we’re definitely about to have to kick it in to high gear! And I’m so ready for it!!! Having our own home could not come soon enough!! Now, it’s just a matter of finding a home.  The selection in Enid, OK is less than desirable!  I finally contacted a friends mom that is a wonderful realtor in our hometown to see if she could help any and she is already on top of it! Hopefully she’ll be sending me a few prospects today….again, fingers crossed (*I’m beginning to think there’s a lot of that in military life, haha*)!

That’s all for now, but who knows, today might bring a whole new set of orders! =)


So today was Canton day with a few of the girls in my family…I was super excited bc this is my first Canton trip as a wife looking to decorate a home…YAY!!! I went into the whole day telling myself that I needed to steer away from Fall/Thanksgiving/Halloween decorations bc J and I will be getting into our home on Nov. 24th (more details to come!) which is just a few days shy of breaking out the Christmas decor! I figured if I could hold off on Fall decor I could possibly return for the Nov. Canton when some of that stuff is marked down…at any rate I got a couple of ADORABLE Christmas things!!! =)

Snowman Caroler Decor Plate

Yard Stake/Wall Hanging

Our Wedding Ornament

Another Yard Stake/Wall Hanging

Ok so the two lil yard stakes/wall hangings are my pride and joy!! They are too too cute.  Since they are both winter/Christmas seasons I plan on one being on the door and the other inside somewhere, since we probably won’t have a yard.

In addition to those cute Canton findings, I recently got a few things on a trip to San Antonio with Ashley, randomly on a trip to College Station, and then a cheapo purchase online….

Cheapo $10 Online Purchase

Cheapo $10 Online Purchase

Another too too cute cheapy!

Another too too cute cheapy!

So those are all of my recent finds, but now for the big news….J got his orders at the beginning of last week!!!  As of Nov. 24th we will be living in Enid, OK!!! AHHHH!! I haven’t quite decided what to think other than I’m happy for hubby bc Vance AFB was his 1st pick!! =)  Also, this is still somewhat up the air bc J is hoping to be selected for ENJJPT, in which case we will be living in Wichita Falls, TX!  Either way, I’m happy to know something…anything!!!!

I’ve really gotta get better at this!!!

Ok!! So yesterday was HALFWAY for Justin at OTS! WOOHOOO!!! Not only does that mean we have more behind us than we do ahead, it also means he is now an upper upperclassmen!! GO BABY!! I can’t remember if I have already posted that info but he was assigned the position of Lower Flight Commander which began yesterday when the lower class came in!! I didn’t get to talk to him much but he did say he was losing his voice…apparently he did good at the yelling part!! haha!

AND, the day before that was our 4 month anniversary! =) YAY!! He said he sent me something for our anniversary so I find myself anxiously checking the mailbox each day when I get home from work!  Who knows!

Went to Marshall’s yesterday with my mom and found the CUTEST charger plates EVER!!! They are faux brown croc leather.  Absolutely too cute for words under my adorable Emma Collection from PotteryBarn!

There is nothing I hate more than paying for car repair!! I have a 2002 Trailblazer that has almost 117,000 miles on it.  I got it brand new when I turned 16 and have driven the wheels off ever since.  Boy has it caught up with me!!! And at such a convenient time!!! Doesn’t it know I WANT FURNITURE!!! Not to be paying $150+ on it every time I turn around.  But the problem is…hubby and I have missed our window of opportunity for trading it in.  I checked it’s blue book value the other day- uh yea, $2,300. RIDICULOUS!! So anyway, looks like I’ll be driving until it dies and I have to leave it on the side of the road!  *FINGERS-CROSSED* that that’s no time soon!

Today was Jenn’s (my SIL) first pep rally and football game as an 8th grade cheerleader!! Boy, it sure seems long ago but I do remember when I was in that exact same situation!!! They were cute as could be and did a great job!! Couldn’t be more proud!  I will say though…after so many years of cheerleading, I did find it a bit difficult to JUST watch, not critique.  In 8th grade you have SUCH a mix of ability levels.  I was constantly wanting to go tell them “fix your motions” or “your stunt is working bc…” but I had to control myself! haha!  They really did do great (I mean it was only their first game/pep rally), there’s just plenty of refining to be done!!

Ran into my 7th grade niece at the pep rally!!

Ran into my 7th grade niece at the pep rally!! Too Cute!!

Jenn and I after the pep rally

Jenn and I after the pep rally

MIL and I @ the Fball Game

MIL and I @ the Fball Game

Ok now it’s my bedtime!!! Actually a lil past my bedtime…hope I don’t oversleep tomorrow!  Oh, tomorrow Mom and I are headed to Frisco to see my middle sister’s family! Caeden, my only nephew, has a teeball game on Saturday so I should be back with plenty of precious pics to share!!! Enjoy the weekend everyone! =)

Where Do I Start?!?!

Wow…So, I guess it’s fair to say I’m not the most frequent blogger in the world.  :-\ oops!

There have been a few very wonderful things that have happened to me during the time I have failed to update…

#1- Yesterday was THREE WEEKS of my hubby being at OTS which means there are NINE to go!! Still way too many, but I was happy to be in the single digits of weeks til return! =)  He seems to be doing very well, even got a 97.5 on his first test (highest in his squadron of 77- GO BABY!!).  I recently sent him a care package with lots of lil goodies- food, a planner (per his request) and a framed photo of us from when we visited Hangar Hotel with our dear friends Ashley and Ethan.  He was thrilled to get it all!!

#2- Thanks to that same dear friend Ashley, I recently got a raise at my office.  She had found (or better yet, basically created) for me a job at her office because she knew how much I was hating my current office.  Long story short, her office was going to pay me 50% more than what I was currently getting-which to a poor newlywed with a long list of wants, is an answered prayer!!  When I notified my office of the situation that I was considering they said “We’ll match it- we need you here!”  So now, even though it’s not the best office in the world (I’ve come to the decision that no office is) I have gotten a 50% pay increase and I get to stay with mine and Justin’s families for the next couple of months before we are moved any number of places for the AF.  Thank you Lord and thank you Ashley.

#3-  I have found dishes that I am in love with!! I still am also in love with our dinnerware we registered for, these new dishes would be to add a bit of punch or flare to our otherwise simple collection.  The other great thing about these new dishes is that there are super cool serving pieces not available in our formal dinnerware collection.  I’m not going to get it all because…well, #1 too expensive but #2 not necessary, like I said I still love our original set.  The pieces I am considering are the following:

Specifically, the long rectangular serving platter in the back.  There are also 3 canisters (small, medium and large) in this same alligator print but no picture online for me to show.  LOVEEEE the simplicity but flair in these pieces!!!!

These two wonderful pieces are just so much FUN!! And also very practical!! I can’t wait to add them to our collection!! Wonder what Justin will think?!?! HAHA!! He has good taste, he’ll like ’em 😉  I also recently bought some plastic informal dishes for when you just take food to the couch and don’t need a big heavy ceramic plate.  These are typical the plates Justin uses most often.  However the only kind I had like this were from my college days and SUPER BRIGHT COLORS- nothing like what I’m going for these days.  But, luckily I happened across these fabulous dishes at Target and snatched them right up!! =)

Can you tell I’m loving brown/cream zebra right now??? YAY!!! =) So cute and so usable!!!

#4- Lori ( has started working on our wedding album again and we hope to have in finalized and submitted for printing by the start of next week!! YAY!! I’ll definitely be posting the final spreads when we have them done.  =)

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  I promise to be more diligent about updating! haha!

1 week down, 11 weeks to go…

That’s right! It’s already been a week!! I can’t decide what I want to focus on in my countdown, weeks or months???  Using weeks you have several more milestones to celebrate but using months it sounds so much shorter!! Hmm maybe I’ll just go back and forth depending on the mood I’m in 😛

More great news- Justin sent me an email tonight… “Hey baby I love you.  This is my official Air Force email so keep it.”  Short I know but so so good to see! This must mean he either has email privileges or soon will.  I still doubt he will have much time to write but I can still write him and he can give short responses.  So much quick than snail mail!!  =)

And, even more great news- mine and J’s College Station pictures taken by Casey Jay Benson will be ready tomorrow!! WOOHOO!!! I got our album of engagement pictures (taken by a family friend- Lori of Little Royalty Photography) on Monday.  Lori is also currently working on putting together our wedding album, so we just about have all of our prints from our Engagement/Wedding!! =)  The one other thing I am still trying to decide on is whether or not to get a large wall mount of this picture from our engagement session with Lori…

I’m considering getting it pretty large because while we are a major part of the picture there are so many other elements that also catch your eye and make it less “Hope and Justin” and just more of a beautiful portrait.  Any thoughts?!

That’s it for now, I’m sure I’ll be sharing my favs of the College Station pictures tomorrow! =) Night!